Double Dealers

133,000 words


As one of the newest arrivals in the small town of Winfield, Oregon, anxious and disoriented, Jonathan Grafton isn't sure how to feel about the towering pines, foreign wildlife, and scarce community. However enduring the drastic change seems a small price to pay if it meant his parents' drowning marriage could resurface for air.

Beginning his senior year at the Winfield High, Jonathan makes interesting friends, falls head over heels for the cute girl in his class, and decides small-town America may not be so bad after all. That is until the members of his family begin to change, one by one, growing more violent and dangerous as the months gradually tick by.

Eventually Jonathan is unable to shrug off or rationalize the tandem of chilling interactions with his manic family, the unnatural wilderness, and even the creatures that mold his dreams into nightmares, so he enlists the help of his friends and unconventional neighbor to get to the bottom of things. They soon find that the answers they're searching for may be buried deeper than they had believed as troubling questions arise, relationships are tested, and sanity loses its meaning altogether.