As one of the most innovative and successful men alive, Joey Felts is praised, mostly, across the country for his pseudo-people, an artificial race created with the sole purpose to serve. Yet as the years stack on since their launch, Joey grows more bitter and egocentric, neglecting to foresee the brewing catastrophe amidst a cult of seemingly-harmless hackers.

One Friday night, after investing the grueling majority of the week in his workshop tweaking his latest model, an unintentionally ugly prototype running off of an overheating engine rather than the routine battery pack he usually installs, Joey feels as though he's earned a break and invites his best friend over to have a few drinks while his girlfriend is out working late. However it's not long before the prototype is up and walking around, trying to grasp a rudimentary understanding of the world it had abruptly awoken to.

To Joey's surprise, the machine was much more operational than it should've been and understood much more than he could've ever thought possible. He may have even described it as a miracle, but that was before his best friend tragically offended the newborn machine and sent it into an insecure frenzy, entrapping Joey in his own home with the singular intention of receiving a makeover from the genius or a pound of flesh if he refused. It would be content, either way.