My story

I'm a horror fiction writer based in Southeast Texas.

My story

I was born in the early 2000s in Southeast Texas, where I currently reside in a small but growing city. It wasn't until I began attending college that I formed a passion for creative writing and quickly decided that I would rather devote my time and energy to becoming a successful novelist.

I have enjoyed reading ever since I was a child; there was nothing like the frisson of excitement that would wash over me on the way to the library or school book fair. My love for horror started at a young age, as well, when I begged my mother for the first two horror movies I'd ever watched: Halloween II & Freddy vs Jason. They weren't the most interesting or scariest stories out there, but, to me, the horror genre is something beyond cheap scares, gory mutilations, and mind-bending plots.

It wasn't until high school that I began reading novels written by Stephen King, and my interests in reading and horror bonded like two electromagnets. All of my tales are heavily inspired by the King of Horror, as he helped me to understand what truly intrigued me about the special genre beyond the banal notion of "I like to be scared." In the end, it's always about the strange originality which can only be found in the upside-down fear, the place where your mind goes when the lights go dark, an experiment to determine what makes your skin crawl and your nightlights gleam.

My goal

In every project, I strive to create original entities or unique spins on already eerie concepts. I throw myself into the shoes of my characters and feel the intensity as I work towards creating an element of dread that has the reader struggling to read on yet also struggling to reach for their bookmark.

Current projects

Double Dealers